Ultimate PC Optimizer

unnamed Ultimate PC Optimizer is the easiest way to tune, manage and optimize your PC.

Ultimate PC Optimizer removes the corrupted unnecessary files, fixes all the errors that causes slowdowns and improves the speed performance. Stops crashing and freezing – With Ultimate PC Optimizer you no longer have to suffer more crushes and freezes that cause data lose and and configuration issues.


Features & benefits:


* Ultimate PC Optimizer Advanced Error Detection Technology detects and removes or repairs the operating system’s registry files errors as well as fixes system wrong configuration and more. Ultimate PC Optimizer will scan and list those errors and let you choose if to run the repair process.

* Ultimate PC Optimizer optimizes your operating system’s registry configuration, removes the corrupted files, thus speeding up your operating system’s speed and response time.

* Ultimate PC Optimizer will not only make your PC faster, but will also make it more efficient. Processes will run better and with much less crash incidents and system errors. Ultimate PC Optimizer deletes unnecessary registry entries, broken shortcuts, orphaned startup tasks, unlinked dll ans junk files.

* With Ultimate PC Optimizer you no longer have to suffer Annoying computer crashes and freezes that cause data loss and cost you hours of work and nerves.


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