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Privacy Dr. is a All-In solution for all your privacy and identity security. Privacy Dr. will clean all tracks and records of your activity, your browsing history, file usage and chat records. Privacy Dr. allows you to clean all or specific information, and also enables dummy information embedding within the history files. You also can manipulate history records so it will look authentic.

Privacy Dr. keeps your browsers clean from all recorded tracks. Your user names, passwords and filled forms that where previously remembered by the browsers and thus accessible to the rookiest hacker or most common tracking technology

Privacy Dr. supports the 5 browsers that are most in use today: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari – for insure you a complete scan and clean of your potentially exposed files and information.


More benefits of Privacy DR. :

* Clean your offline computer activity, used files and applications, viewed videos and listened music. Remove all digital footprints from your computer.

* Choose what to clean, and what to keep. Ease your use of the PC by keeping the wanted files only, and deleting just the ones that you want gone.

* Scheduled & Forget’ – Keep cleaning your PC on a regular basis on a full automated mode. Set the schedules you like and PC Privacy Master will get the work done for you.

* Privacy Dr. also includes a deep clean of your chat and instant messaging history like Skype, Messenger and more. Your online calls, messages and chat records will be completely cleaned (Optional by you) and NO footprints of your activity will remain.


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