Find Me!




Find Me! is the first iPhone app that makes easy to find your friends and let them find you.

You can send your location in one touch by SMS, Email, Facebook and Twitter.

It’s extremely simple to broadcast your location thought a variety of ways:

1. Start the app.

2. Send SMS, Email or share on Facebook or Twitter.

3. Your friends get exact direction to find you via uncoded link.

Simple As That!


More of Find Me! features:


* Share your location even if you don’t know where you at.

* Invite your friend to the best parties and places LIVE by sharing your location on Facebook and twitter.

* Get directions in areas that not covered by a generic map – like big parks, forests and open seas.

* Find and be found in public areas like shows, concerts and football matches.

* World wide use ( Automatic translation including French, German, Arabic and more )


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